Turblown long tube EWG Turbo manifold

Fits on all RX7 13B engines
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Turblown has developed the Ultimate FD3S T4 EWG ( external waste-gate) Turbo Manifold. This Investment Cast 347SS manifold is based on their proven welded design, but improved drastically. The improvements include tapered runners, 4X egt/emap ports, stronger build construction and higher flower transitions.

The welded version is proven to over 700rwhp, and has held boost pressure as low as 6 psi on road raced Rx7s. It was the first of its kind on the market.

- Tapered Main Runner Inside Diameter ( 2" I.D. tapering down to 1.687" I.D.) 
- 4x 1/8" 
NPT EGT or EMBP bungs standard
- Every Flange is CNC Machined
- Larger Inside Diameter Entrance Bore( 2" I.D.") compared to the traditional 1.5" schedule 10 weld els. 
- Smoother transitions not just at the engine and t4 flange, but through out all runners.

Shipping weight: 5,00 kg