Streetport Porting RX8

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Machining of all three side plates
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You rebuild your engine and want more power?

We offer porting of the intake and exhaust ports.


But what is actually done during "porting"?
Porting involves redesigning the channels and opening and closing times of the intake and exhaust. This brings a changed engine characteristic with itself and by the change of the channels you reach a higher air flow which results in higher performance.

For street use, the Streetport is advisable. This has no disadvantages in terms of consumption or wear.

The increased performance is heavily dependent on the add-on parts, for example intake, catalytic converter as well as exhaust system and the tuning ( ECU ).

6Port / 231HP:
- a little more torque up to 4000rpm and turns a little more freely from 7000rpm towards the rev limiter
- it is advisable to send the lower intake manifold, so that we can match the shift rollers of the APV.

4Port / 192HP:
- significantly more torque and accordingly also power over the whole band, with hardened stationary gears from the 231hp model you can turn up to 9000rpm

We recommend to modify the software!

The engine must be disassembled for machining! From 80,000km mileage, it is also recommended to revise the irons.


Please note:
The irons must be cleaned(oil free) and dried before shipping, otherwise it can lead to delays by your shipping service provider and to a subsequent expense compensation, we will charge you this in addition to an ultrasonic cleaning in the amount of 50€. Upon arrival of your irons, they will be inspected and measured, if damage is found whereby processing is not possible, we charge a processing fee of 50 € and send you after prior consultation the irons back.

Please note that due to their weight of 12kg, the irons will be shipped well packed, at least with double-walled cardboard boxes, and sufficiently stamped to the following address:




Spiessstrasse 29

67295 Bolanden

Processing time varies between 3 and 10 working days, in the best case please ask in Advance!

Shipping weight: 37,00 kg